Free wi-fi

A free Wi-Fi Internet connection service is provided for you.

To connect, you need a device that supports wireless communication technology.

Connect your device to the WiFi_free network, you will not need to enter a password.

Automatically, your device will be prompted to log in to the network. Usually it looks like a pop-up message on the screen "connecting to a Wi-Fi network ...", after which a window opens in the browser with a suggestion to identify.

If this did not happen for some reason, then go yourself in your browser to the address

Choose any of the proposed types of identification: sms or call.

By selecting the SMS identification type:

  1. enter your phone number;
  2. click "Log in";
  3. an SMS with a code will be sent to the specified number;
  4. enter it to log in to the internet.

By selecting the identification type CALL:

  1. enter your phone number;
  2. dial any of the specified numbers by clicking on it (it's free);
  3. the call will be reset and the device will connect to the Internet.

If your device (laptop or tablet) it works without a SIM card, does not support outgoing calls and SMS, then identification will have to be done using your personal mobile phone together with the device you are connecting.

We draw your attention to the fact that the hotel staff does not provide a service for setting up user equipment.